Tools/Approaches for Performance testing of Jira Plugin

Hi All,
Recently we have started with plugin development for our Jira Instance. Now we would like to do some performance analysis of our plugin to understand the impact of it on our Jira Instance. We need help with below queries,

  1. Which is the Recommended Tool and approach to carry out the performance analysis of custom build Jira plugin for data center?
  2. How can we analyze performance change if we use global context for custom fields as against using project specific context for custom fields?
  3. Can Jira Performance Tool(JPT) be used with windows? Any possibility of using it with Azure instance instead of AWS as documented here Bitbucket
  4. How to add license support for our custom build jira plugin? Cant find anything on broken links like

I m new to Jira plugin development and It will be very helpful if you can guide me around possible approaches/tools and share information around above queries.

Vishal K