TopicService throughput


data center development guidelines recommends to “avoid sending large amounts of messages between nodes. Keep the payloads as small as possible”. I wonder what exactly “large” is in that context?

Are we talking about hundreds or tens of messages per second? Does anyone have any experience with that? Also regarding payload - what would be better - to send data as part of the message, or to send smaller message, but query DB on message processing?


Hi @kitaev,
Thank you for reaching out to us. My name is Juan and I’ll try to help you out best I can.

I think the reason the documentation isn’t any more specific is because it needs to be evaluated on a case by case scenario. In order for me to be as accurate as possible, could you provide me with a bit more information about the data you’d like to send between the nodes?

  • What’s the purpose of your integration?
  • In which scenarios do you need to send messages to other nodes? And what for?
  • What data are you thinking of sending through?
  • Where is the data traditionally stored? Are you getting it from a Bitbucket Server, AO, Git, etc?