Tracing plugin performance

Hey team,

We have a plugin for Jira Server, which, via UI enables customers to pick an object from our SaaS product and link it to a Jira issue. It has been on the Marketplace for several years. Recently an enterprise customer of ours with large Jira Server instance has reported sporadic slowness. They have narrowed it down to our plugin, as disabling it has stopped the issues.
We track the requests that our plugin makes to our API in Elastic/Kibana. None of the requests exceed 200ms in execution, thus it’s definitely not on the product/API side.

As we’re in the position to investigate/prove the plugin to be/not to be the root cause of the delays observed by the customer on their Jira instance, can you please recommend any OOTB mechanisms or something we can add to our plugin so we can get more data as to what else might potentially be causing the reported slowness?

Thanks in advance!