Transform data retrieved from Rest APIs using :memory: SQLITE3

Hi Forgers,

Can a Forge app transform data retrieved from Rest APIs using an on-the-fly ephemeral :memory: SQLITE3 database by including a browser-based implemention like sql.js in the Javascript?

Assuming I understand correctly, it is not possible to add a node.js module to access a permanent SQLITE3 database within an app.



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@ibuchanan Ian, anyone on the team who could comment? David

@DavidPratten1 Welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

I don’t know anybody who has tried sql.js specifically. Seems like it should be easy enough to import, create a test case, and check.

That said, I’m skeptical that it will work. The Forge runtime is not standard Node.js. In many places, security concerns have the Forge runtime using shims instead of native implementations. With sql.js using wasm, I suspect the shims aren’t in place for that. But that’s server-side.

Maybe what you need is client-side, where it might work? I’m sure I have enough context about what your app needs to do with SQL to make a recommendation.