Transition Jira Issue through POSTMAN or Atlassian Forge does not return a JSON object

I am trying to follow to change the state of a Jira issue.

When using postman, I can indeed change the state to where I want it to be but I get an empty response even though the documentation mentions we should get a JSON.

When trying the same with an Atlassian Forge App, I also get a JSON error:

ERROR   09:07:21.680  18f7ba448e6ac434  Unexpected end of JSON input
SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at Object.json (bootstrap.js:1:3974)
    at transitionJiraIssue (webpack://qity-wiki-doccontrol/src/shared/jira_rest_api.js:101)
    at async performJiraTransition (webpack://qity-wiki-doccontrol/src/helper.jsx:95)
    at async initiateReview (webpack://qity-wiki-doccontrol/src/index.jsx:86)
    at async controlledDocument (webpack://qity-wiki-doccontrol/src/index.jsx:52)
    at async /tmp/tunnel7lWwPH02hYbTC/index.js:37196:49
    at async /tmp/tunnel7lWwPH02hYbTC/index.js:1656:21
    at async asyncMap (webpack://qity-wiki-doccontrol/node_modules/@forge/ui/out/reconcile.js:12)
    at async /tmp/tunnel7lWwPH02hYbTC/index.js:1608:29

Is this an error from the REST API or am I doing something wrong?


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I think the API doc didn’t mean you get a JSON back.
HTTP response code 204 means “no content”. If you get 204 you consider your request to transition status is successful (the number is in green) and there will be no body content.

And if you try to parse an empty string as JSON:
That’s the error message you will get.

Aha, that makes sense. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

Thanks, @TimVerstraete, and @KCWong. We dug deeper into this and found out that it is a documentation concern that needs fixing, kindly check the relevant issue [ACJIRA-2359] - Ecosystem Jira for more information.

Hi @iragudo,
thanks for the reply and checking this out.
Much appreciated.