Transition to cursor search is causing a huge lag for our customers

Hello Team,

Since the change regarding the start parameter for the Confluence search api, we adapted our app to load data using the cursor API. We need to load all data before rendering the view to the user. As there is a limitation of 200 records per call for the search confluence api, we used to use parallel requests using the start parameter. Now, with the cursor parameter, we need to do the same work sequentially, unfortunately that increases the load time significantly.
Our customers are reporting important lag time, unfortunately we cannot do much about…
Is it possible to increase the current limitation of 200 records per page to a higher value (ideally 1000), that will decrease significantly the number of calls and thus reduces the load time ?

We appreciate your prompt reply
Thank you


Hello @shkapadia,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! I created a product suggestion for you in Confluence’s public facing Jira instance where our customers and partners can vote for, comment on, and watch the tickets: We’ll take it from there.

Elaine Hankins, Confluence Cloud Product Manager