Transitioning all Jira Cloud users to the new issue view

Hi developer community,

What’s changing?

From March 31, 2021, we’ll be moving all users on the old issue view in Jira Cloud products (Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core) to the new issue view. Shortly after that, we’ll remove access to the old issue view. For key dates, what’s next, and more details, check out our official announcement.

Why is it changing?

The new issue view has progressed a long way since we first released it. Just in the past year we’ve improved its performance and added our users’ most requested features like web links, permalinks, and comment permissions. By focusing on a single issue view, we can ship more improvements to the new issue view faster and build the best issue experience for all users. Ecosystem vendors will then enjoy a simpler app development process because they only need to build their apps for one view.

What do I need to do?

All ecosystem apps are supported in the new issue view, and there aren’t any API changes regarding the removal of the old view. This means most apps will work without an update even after we remove the access to the old view. But we do recommend ecosystem developers update their apps to use the new modules to take advantage of the new view’s flexibility. Learn more about new issue view UI locations

By when do I need to do it?

By March 31, 2021, we recommend you’re ready to only use the new issue view and that your apps are optimized by taking advantage of the new modules.

Tell us how we can help you

If there’s any way we can help you with the transition to the new issue view, leave us feedback in the comments section below. We’re committed to making this change as smooth as possible for all users.


I would like to open the new issue view in our app, actually 3 of our apps have this need. Is there any chance for fulfilling this 5 year old feature request?

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This is :awesome:

Do you plan to update “Create Issue” to use new, ADF based fields any time soon? Or probably add extension points to “Create Issue” screen?
Currently it’s a strange hybrid of wiki/ADF formatting between issue creation and view, and not-really customizable Create Issue screen.


There are many open issues including the inability to display some field types (JRACLOUD-72712). Many more in the parent ticket. I hope these are all addressed soon. Its hard to transition to the new view when you can’t even display some or your fields.

Hi @Grzegorz,

Thank you for your question. We are currently investigating ACJIRA-495 to understand the scope of the work required and will keep the ticket updated as we progress.

Hi @roman.lutsiv,

We have a team that is actively working on updating the Create Issue view to include the ADF Editor and other new features. However, the new Create Issue view is unlikely to be completed by 31 March, 2021 when we will transition users over to the new view.


Hi @DanaFrost,

Thank you for bringing this up. Between now and March 31, 2021 we are planning on addressing many of the key issues that users are having with the new issue view. On our list of features to support is the project picker custom field (JRACLOUD-72712). Keep an eye on the ticket as we’ll have updates shortly.

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Not having the Rank to Top and Rank to Bottom feature included in the New Issue View menu (web and mobile) is a major blocker for my team. Is this going to be added before March?