Can vendors use it? any plans to package it for us?

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Just checking, do you mean as a service for translation of your apps?

Hi @nwade,
Yes :wink:

I’ve been looking for a similar software but couldn’t find an alternative.

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Interesting idea. It’s not currently well-designed to scale beyond a short list of products, but worth talking about and I’ll let you know if our stance changes.

Thanks! -nick

It would be cool If you could move it to Bitbucket as an open source project.
Vendors could contribute to the product and each vendor could create his own fork.
A win win for all.

@rwhitbeck any update on that one?

Sorry @pch I don’t have any information on this.

@rwhitbeck is there anyone who may be able to help? As said before this tool would be a great help to all vendors. Many apps would get a translation into multiple languages.

I’ll have to dig into it.

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