Trello API and custom fields

My org utilizes the Custom Fields power-up on our boards and we’ve created quite a few of these fields to hold critical data points on our cards. We have been experimenting with some automation using Workato to integrate Trello and Google Sheets, but aren’t able to see the custom fields. In fact we’re only able to see default fields like Card Title, Labels, Due Date, Description, etc. We’re now looking into Workato’s HTTP connector which enables integration with any cloud-based applications that have HTTP-based API. So I guess my question is would an automator like Workato be able to pick up Trello custom fields in the API?



Great question!

I believe that Workato maintains their own connector to Trello, so it’d require them to update their built-in connector to read the Custom Fields data. It might be worth shooting an email to their support team to let them know it is something you’re interested in having!

In terms of using a custom HTML connector, you can access Trello custom fields data via the REST API. I’d recommend checking out this guide to get started:

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@bentley thank you! Could you direct me to where I can set up webhooks for my Trello account? I’m having trouble finding it. Thanks!

There is no UI for setting up webhooks, unfortunately. It must be done completely via the REST API.

You can read more on how to do that here:

@bentley Thanks for directing me to that helpful page. I don’t have any developer or coding background and am wondering where I can input the template codes (with my api key, token, and callback url of course) shared on the webhook guide? Do I need to download some kind of terminal to place this code? Thanks!

@CalebDaniel just been on this community so I just getting to know the protocol here. I am a retiree but loves programming and I got to work with Trello during the lockdown but have since progress quite a bit. I attribute it to the platform that I am using with is still in beta. It has a good set of Trello modules and triggers you can use and you need not built your own webhooks. And if you are a python fan there is py-Trello you can use. Check out Wayscript.