Trello API and Rate Limits

I’m running into an issue and I could not find any information about some response headers.
So I’m using Trello API to create cards on the board. But since today I’m getting error 429 with some header fields that I don’t get.

JSON response:

  "message": "Rate limit exceeded: temporarily unavailable",
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Token-Interval-Ms: 10000
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Token-Max: 100
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Token-Remaining: 99
X-Rate-Limit-Db-Query-Time-Interval-Ms: 600000
X-Rate-Limit-Db-Query-Time-Max: 7200000
X-Rate-Limit-Db-Query-Time-Remaining: 7199990
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Key-Interval-Ms: 10000
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Key-Max: 300
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Key-Remaining: 299
X-Rate-Limit-Reject-Unpaid-Customers-Interval-Ms: 0
X-Rate-Limit-Reject-Unpaid-Customers-Max: 0
X-Rate-Limit-Reject-Unpaid-Customers-Remaining: 0

So what those last three fields mean and when I may reach those limits?

Hello @sapozhnik

Oooh, they’re new! I’ve not seen them before and they’re not documented.

Perhaps the Trello team is experimenting with some new access limits for customers whose account is non-financial? Is the account associated with your REST API access still able to login into the GUI?

Yeah I could not find any records in the documentation regarding those fields.
And yes, I can still use my account normally in the GUI.

After some time I again tried to use the API and it did work. I took a look at those fields and here is how they looked like:

X-Rate-Limit-Member-Interval-Ms: 10000
X-Rate-Limit-Member-Max: 375
X-Rate-Limit-Member-Remaining: 370

So I believe it was a temporary Trello API bug.

Ok, glad to hear you’re back in business.

Were you making requests against the members endpoints? If so, you may have exceeded the Special Routes Limit that applies to those endpoints:

We have special limits around endpoints that include user account information. This allows us to make sure that consumers are using these resources responsibly. The three routes with special limits are: /1/members, /1/membersSearch, and /1/search. The much stricter limits on these routes mean that third-party developers should use these resources sparingly.

Yep I’m actually calling 1/members/me/boards but I hardly imagine how could I exceed the limit

Maybe we’re just conflating two events that might not be related. Based on the last set of response headers you’ve provided, of the allowed 375 requests to the Member endpoint in the 10 second period, you still had 370 remaining, so you’re easily well within the limit.

It was more interesting what those undocumented Reject-Unpaid-Customers-Interval headers meant or what triggered them.

Anyhow, have fun.