Trello API Issue

I was trying to do a Bug Report Forum, but when i finished it, it returned Error 401, i have placed the correct APi tokens (apikey is apikey, but Token is the Secret from my PowerUP not sure about this). The listID iD is taken from json share export “idList”:“1234”. I’ve added the site that uses the API to allowed Sites in the powerup so Idk what I did wrong.

Heres the code:

	.addEventListener("submit", function (event) {

		const bugName = document.getElementById("bugName").value;
		const server = document.getElementById("server").value;
		const bugDate = document.getElementById("bugDate").value;
		const bugDescription = document.getElementById("bugDescription").value;
		const bugSteps = document.getElementById("bugSteps").value;
		const bugProof = document.getElementById("bugProof").files[0];

		const bugExists = document.getElementById("bugExists").checked;


		const apiKey = "";
		const token =
		const listId = "";

		const requestBody = {
			idList: listId,
			name: bugName,
			desc: `Serwer: ${server}\nData Znalezienia: ${bugDate}\nOpis: ${bugDescription}\nKroki do odtworzenia:\n${bugSteps}`,

		fetch(`${apiKey}&token=${token}`, {
			method: "POST",
			headers: {
				"Content-Type": "application/json",
			body: JSON.stringify(requestBody),
			.then((response) => response.json())
			.then((data) => {

I removed unnecessary things from the code for this question

Fixed the issue, the token was wrong.