Trello API returning 429 rate limit error but does not specify limit in the headers

I’m getting rate limited on 1/members/xxxxxxx with response:
{"message":"Exceeded rate limit to /1/member", "error":"RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED" }

And I know the docs say there is a limit on requests to /1/members/ of 100 requests per 900 seconds.

I’m trying to debug this. However, the headers don’t seem to be clueing me on where I’m at with the limit.

  'X-Content-Type-Options': 'nosniff',
  'X-DNS-Prefetch-Control': 'off',
  'X-Download-Options': 'noopen',
  'X-Frame-Options': 'DENY',
  'X-Trello-Environment': 'Production',
  'X-Trello-Version': '1.2036.1',
  'X-XSS-Protection': '1; mode=block',

Are these the headers from a response that is 429?

Based on these headers:


I’d expect that you have 199 requests remaining.

Hi Bentley - yes, these headers are from the same response.

Can you share the API key this is happening on?

It appears that there are two places where we throw this error. The first checks the limits per member. The second is based on IP. I think we’ve seen the latter catch valid requests because they were coming from a shared IP - for instance, if you’re running things on lambda and someone else happens to be firing off a ton of requests too. Can you share any more on where your requests are coming from?

Sorry for the delayed reply. I had worked around this on my end so it wasn’t a blocker anymore. I just tested with the same API key and code and it’s not happening anymore. So I think it was a temporary glitch on the the Trello end or my app was being limited for some other reason.