Trello board not rendering on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) but renders find on PC/MacBook


I’m in the process of developing my web portfolio and thought it would be neat to link a few of my Trello boards in a hobbies/interest page on my website. I used Trello’s article on rendering their Board Tile Component from Board Tile Component and after much struggle, got all three of my Trello boards to load successfully. However, when I got to my website using my iPhone or iPad, the Trello boards never load and I can not, for the life of me, figure out why. I have quite a few PCs and one MacBook and they all load fine there with little to no wait, it’s only on iOS devices that it seems to never want to load.

boardTileJs.onload = function() { ... }

Using Google Chrome’s dev tools for iOS devices, I found that the HTMLScriptElement never actually loads so the boards are never rendered. I’ve taken steps around this and provided a link to the same boards if and when they refuse to load, but I would really love to get to the bottom of this and see why these devices cause my website to not render my Trello boards.

Also, I was able to test it on an old Android mobile device, and the boards didn’t load their either. So, I’m thinking it was something to do with phones and not browser-related.

Thank you in advance for any incoming clarifications and help!

Hi Lorenzo,
It looks like custom elements has limited support on iOS devices. This is probably why the boards are not rendering properly. I’m not too sure about the issue with old Android devices though, have you tried rendering the board tiles using the polyfilled version of the script to see if that works?