Trello Developer Support is moving to DEVHELP

Hi Trello Developer Community!

I’ve been with Atlassian for a while but I’m new to Trello world - so let me start with a quick intro. I’m managing Developer Support in Developer Experience org. A few months ago we’ve moved Trello ecosystem support under Developer Support umbrella. Our fearless @ValentynLoiko (he’s all over your requests!) is now a part of bigger team that specializes in helping all ecosystem developers .

As a part of support experience consolidation and improvements, we are changing the channel that you use to get help.

What is changing?

We are moving Trello Developer Support to DEVHELP Service Desk

As of Oct 1, 2021, we are closing all Trello support-related emails for inbound requests. Those aliases will no longer be monitored and will only be served for outbound purposes.

The following Trello request types are available for you in DEVHELP service desk:

Request Type Description Old email address (will not be available as of Oct 1, 2021)
Submit Your Power-Up Use this form to submit a Power-Up to Trello. For more information regarding the process, please visit: Submit Your Power-Up
Submit Your Trello Integration Use this form to submit an integration to Trello. For more information regarding the process, please visit: Submit Your Integration
Public Power-Ups Security Vulnerabilities Report security vulnerabilities for the public Trello Power-Ups.
Other Other requests related to Trello public Power-Ups and integrations maintenance.

What do I need to do?

Start using DEVHELP for all new Trello ecosystem questions immediately.

What about my older tickets that are still open?

Your older open tickets will be resolved in the current system. There is no need to re-submit them in DEVHELP.


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