Trello Mac Desktop Beta is ready!

Trello Desktop has historically only been available via download from the Mac App Store or the Windows Store, but we have had an Atlassian only internal beta track for while. We’ve decided to start releasing this beta to end users directly for those who want to get a sneak preview of upcoming desktop releases and we are starting with version 2.13.4.

This version has a lot of exciting changes, including:

  • our first release of a universal app which is optimized for both M1 chips and Intel chips!

  • a fix for a bug that would cause the desktop app to become unresponsive when attempting to export a board

  • some quality of life fixes like forcing links inside of an attached pdf to open using the system default browser, keeping the in-app notification list from resizing the desktop window in certain scenarios, and making sure notifications that mention a board or card take you to that board or card when clicked.

  • internal changes and optimizations that will make the app faster and more resilient

This application can be downloaded here:

and can be installed side by side with the official Mac App Store app. It will update itself when a new version is available too!

We’d love for you to share your feedback on this post! Thank you for taking the Trello Desktop Beta for a spin!


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