Trello OAuth base on ... ?


I am coming with question that whose OAuth is used by Trello. I need to fill out a security exception for Unito, and since it integrates with Trello, need to know if Trello is using Google or Microsoft’s OAuth or someone else’s ?

Could someone answer?


Trello has implemented its own Basic OAuth1.0 implementation:

If I’m understanding your question correctly, the OAuth1.0 implemented by Trello is its own. We do not use another OAuth provider for this implementation.

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Hi Bentley,

Thank you for response! :wink:

If we would like to answer this question by one sentence:
"Is Trello using Google or Microsoft OAuth or if someone else's, who ?"
… how it should sound?
"Trello using ... OAuth" (where dots should be replaced by business/corporation name)

Is "Trello using its own(Trello) OAuth" is correct ?

Because at this moment I am a little confused how to properly answer for those question :thinking: