Trello REST API: Get member's organization boards excluding closed boards

I noticed that /members/{id}/boards?filter=organization returns closed boards but I’d like to avoid that in order to be more efficient with organizations that have a lot of closed boards. Is this expected by design that organization filter returns closed boards? I was expecting that if I wanted closed boards, I could specify filter=organization,closed. Is there a way to filter them out? I’m currently filtering them out myself once I receive the response.

Trello will give you back the union of each filters’ results. So when you ask for filter=organization,closed, Trello goes and looks for boards with board.prefs.permissionLevel === 'org' and joins the resulting boards with the result of boards.closed === true and returns all of the boards.

There is not a way to AND them together. You’ll have to do that on your end.

Hi Bently - but when I’m only specifying “filter=organization”, it’s still returning closed boards.

Right, it doesn’t consider open/closed. It only looks for board.prefs.permissionLevel === 'org'.

To get organization boards that are also closed you need to make a separate call for each filter and then collate the data together yourself.