I am in need of assistance and would appreciate any help that the community can provide, I am using Amazon Lambda and API Gateway to create a webhook for Trello. This is the URL callback that I am using. I have verified that it returns a status code of 200. However, when I try to create a webhook on my Trello board, I receive the following error {
“message”: “URL ( did not return 200 status code, got 404”,
} . Please refer to the image below.

I have used Amazon Lambda and API Gateway to set up the webhook and have confirmed that the URL callback is correct. However, I am unsure why I am still encountering this error. If anyone has experience with resolving similar issues or has any suggestions on what I can do to fix this error, please share your insights. Thank you in advance for your help.

Probably shouldn’t post your key and token to public sites.

As for the webhook, you need to make 100% sure your endpoint sends a 200 (success) message back to Trello when it’s called. It’s not enough to just have the end point work and accept data, but Trello sends heads request first IIRC, to check for a 200.

Thank you. I am currently unsure how to edit it. Can you help me?

Are you trying to create a webhook? Can you try to create one using this website:

I’m experiencing the same issue.
I tried the website you sent and I got this warning "The Callback URL is unreachable or is not responding with the proper CORS header. ", however i receive finely other post requests not from trello

If you’re seeing that, then your end point is not responding correctly. What are you using to host your endpoint?

The issue was the url was lacking a ssl certificate.
I was wondering though if the api accepts self signed certificates too

You don’t need an ssl. just take the “s” off the http end point. It should still work just fine.

Edit: This is not recommended, however the webhook endpoint doesn’t need an SSL at all (in my experience).

oh, I read so on the docs

From the docs:

The provided callbackURL must be a valid URL during the creation of the webhook. We run a quick HTTP HEAD request on the URL, and if a 200 status code is not returned in the response, then the webhook will not be created. Additionally, if your callbackURL contains an invalid SSL certificate the webhook will not be created (no SSL certificate will not cause the creation to fail).

Notice it says if it contains an invalid SSL certificate the webhook will not be created… and (no SSL certificate will not cause the creation to fail

Poor wording, I know, but it does work. I’ve hosted several endpoints using light http listeners on my local machine and webhooks fire events no problem.

Thanks a lot!

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