Trello Webhooks are constantly being deleted


We’ve added features that uses webhooks to parse the trello checklist and write back to our database. However, this morning we found that some of our webhooks are constantly being “deleted” from time to time. My wile guess is that the webhooks are deleted after a few triggers.

When I say “deleted”, I mean the webhooks are literally not in the webhook section of GET /members/me/ API. Also, when I tried to make DELETE request to the webhook using the ID returned from the create webhook API, it says the webhook ID is not found.

Currently, to make sure our features are functioning as usual, we now regularly try to create webhooks but it’s kind of brute force and I really hope we could get our regular webhooks back.

Many thanks!


Hey @EvanChen, what is the API key you are using? Could you also share IDs for a few of the recently created but now deleted webhooks?

There are a few different scenarios where we’ll delete Trello webhooks. The two easiest to track down are if you’re returning 410’s or the token is expired: I’m guessing that the tokens you’re using are still valid and you’re webhook callback URL isn’t responding with 410’s, yeah?

We’ll also disable webhooks if we’re seeing 400’s/500’s from the callback URL: