Triggers doesn't work in development environment and tunnel last week

Firstly I didn’t have problems with triggers but on this week trigger for issue create and update doesn’t work (no logs and results)

    - key: scope-updated-trigger
      function: issueUpdated
        - avi:jira:created:issue
        - avi:jira:updated:issue
        ignoreSelf: true

Already tried to

  • re-deploy and re-install development app
  • re-download docker image
  • re-install npm forge/cli package and downgrade to previous versions

Only one thing looks strange for me. Right after deploy to dev env I try to install app and got

The scopes or egress URLs in the manifest are different from the scopes in your most recent deployment to development. Try running forge deploy -e development before upgrading.

But it was uploaded just now and Access dialog on website also looks right and asks right permissions.

I expect that triggers will fire in during tunnel, is it right?

@HeyJoe may I ask you to take a look at this also, maybe you can help me with this or give some direction how to debug it

Create new app with the same codebase and problem disappear