Trouble Updating Custom Field via REST API

I have the following custom fields (client-contract and category-software) that I’m trying to update via REST API:

I’m using the following to try and update it and get a Response 204 but am not seeing the update on the issue itself:

const updateData = {
		fields: {
		  customfield_10065: clientContract,
	const update = await api.asApp().requestJira(route`/rest/api/3/issue/${}?returnIssue=true, overrideScreenSecurity=true, overrideEditableFlag=true`, {
		method: 'PUT',
		headers: {
			'Accept': 'application/json',
			'Content-Type': 'application/json'
		body: JSON.stringify(updateData)
	console.log(`Response: ${update.status} ${update.statusText}`);
	console.log(await update.json());

Am I using the correct REST API or am I not inputting something correctly?


Hi @GinnaKhang
Do you mean you don’t see the updated value even after you refresh the issue view?

Correct. I don’t.