Trouble with Authentication API

I’m having trouble trying with the authentication process. The platform I’m using,“Bubble” preferably use a link formatted as such “” instead of the one found in the documentation. Is there a simpler method that I have yet to find in the documentation?

For reference

I’m not super familiar with the bubble platform, but I did see that someone else was taking a different approach here: HTTP Basic Auth API credentials - is my method secure enough? - APIs - Bubble Forum Though the concerns raised there should also be considered here. Does that setup make sense for what you’re trying to achieve? Maybe worth posting a question over there as they seem to be the Bubble experts.

Is OAuth2 the only option? Have you read through these docs: Sharing just in case they’re useful.

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Also, over in this thread, we learned that OAuth 2.0 3LO’s non-standard implementation doesn’t work when people don’t have access to the client:

If you can’t create the authorization URL that Bubble will send to authorize itself, then it will most likely fail because Atlassian requires parameters not found in RFC6749 specification for the authorization code grant (documented by Atlassian as 3LO). In short, Atlassian’s 3LO probably won’t work.