Try to add an addon 'System User' to the site-admins

I am trying to add an addon’s user account to the site-admins group via the Administration > Groups menu.

I am doing this in order to give the addon’s user account access to all restricted pages of Confluence.

I get the message “System user’s product access cannot be removed”.

Is this not allowed ? Is there a workaround ?

If you gave Site Admin access to an Atlassian app, that would allow the App to perform billing operations; potentially. It is for this reason that it is unlikely that we would ever let an app be added to the site-admins group (or any group with Site Admin permission).

You should instead create another group that has Administrative powers in Confluence and add the App to that instead. Would that work for you?

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Thanks, that could work. I will try it to see if It is possible .

I tried to create another group that didn’t have any permission. But still I get the same message. It looks like it is not possible to assign a system user to any group.

Can you confirm that is the case ?

I have confirmed your results. I’m bugging internal Atlassian Teams to try and figure out what if that is expected behaviour.

Note: It may take time to get answers as this is a complex part of our systems.

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HI @rmassaioli Is there any update on this issue ?

Do you know if there is any alternative ?

Unfortunately no, still talking with the required teams within Atlassian, this may not be a fast fix.

Just to be clear, you want to do this for just your particular cloud site though? Because there will not be a way to do this for all cloud sites automatically.

The workaround is just what I suggested in my first answer.

Hi @rmassaioli, i created a new group BUT when i try to assign the add-on user , i am getting the same message . Your work around doesn’t work to my instances .

Can you please send me the steps that you follow in your instance where it worked ?


Hi @rmassaioli, Is there any update yet ?