Trying hello world app for a Jira Software Cloud plugin using Connect, unable to display hello world text

I am following the instructions for the “Getting Started” tutorial using Connect with Jira Software Cloud:

I have been able to add the new app using “Manage Apps”, but when I try to run the app, it seems to time out without any useful message:


I’m using ngrok in the way described in the tutorial, and the helloworld.html page is accessible via the HTTPS link. The ngrok log clearly shows the GET requests are working, but nothing is displayed. Can you help explain what is happening, or how I can debug what’s going on?

Thanks in advance,
Glyn Matthews

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We have the same. When you request ngrok route for the first time, the page with notification about free ngrok version is displayed. This is probably because of this page.

Anyone could help with this ? Do we need ngrok premium version ?


Install “ModHeader - Modify HTTP headers” chrome extension

setup key: ngrok-skip-browser-warning value: 1
Try to eneter ngrok
The site should load without this screen

Install app on Jira

ModHeader setup