Trying to deploy forge app from CI server

So I’ve got my forge app - I would like to follow proper practices and have my build service deploy it. How?

It looks like forge login:ci was removed in 1.5 ( ).

Trying to login on the build server - I initially got How to use Forge CLI in a CI environment? but once I installed the other prerequisite I got through the keystore but the log in never returns and is just hung. So I’m guessing there is something else going on.

Is it even possible to use Forge CLI on a non-desktop machine?


Hi @danielwester ,

When the Forge CLI was originally developed, CICD was supported, but then we dropped support because we ran into a few issues and we figured we would tackle CICD properly as a project rather than shipping partial support here and there. Unfortunately, at this stage there’s no firm timeline for when CICD will be supported.

EDIT: I should have said CICD is supported, but rather just the login:ci was dropped. Forge CLI supports non interactive mode as follows: forge login -e <email> -t <token> --non-interactive .



Thanks @dmorrow!
I really appreciate you letting me know (keeps me from spinning my wheels).

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There are some pitfalls with the --non-interactive approach since @forge/cli 1.6.0, I’ve summarized our current recipe here: