Trying to register webhooks but getting "Only a single URL per app is allowed to be registered via REST API." error

I’m trying to register a webhook but I am getting the error that only a single URL per app is allowed. I understand that but the issue is would love to just delete the webhook in question. But when I query the webhooks with my instance ID I get nothing back in the list and in the UI it also says I have no webhooks registered. How am I expected to find the webhook that’s already registered?

Hey Steven,

I came across with this one and wanted to share the solution in case anybody encounters the same.

It is not possible to delete it through the UI unfortunately, but deleting webhook through API does the trick.

First get the webhook registered by your app and then run delete webhook.

Related link to get the webhook:

The reason you did not get anything in the list might be because of not trying with the same authenticated user.

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