Trying to remove users from product groups via API


I am trying to do do a clean up of users and their licenses on Jira Cloud, not deactivating their Jira accounts. Using this endpoint (as I have seen on Solved: Is there an admin API(organisation level) to revok...):

But getting either “Specified user does not exist or you do not have required permissions” or “The group ID and group name can not be empty.” errorMessages.

I have tried the group ID, group name, user account ID and username …

Please advise ASAP if anyone has gotten this working?

Thank you

Hi ,

Please try
`curl --request DELETE
–url ‘{groupId}&accountId={useraccountid}
–user ‘<api_token>’


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Thanks so much @RitupurnaBISWAL - that worked! And now that I look back, it seems I just did not look at the documentation properly! Yeesh!

Thanks so much! This worked:

curl --request DELETE -url ‘’ -u ‘’

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