Tunneling configuration for Windows without Docker

Hi all

I need some tips on how to configure my Custom UI application without docker, so that I can use forge tunnel --debug and debug it fully without using Docker.

By the way I have familiarized myself with the ngrok functionality:

However, I still have no clear information on how to use this for Node.js v 18.5.0 on Windows 10 or 11.

Could someone please guide me on how to do all this ? Unfortunately I did not receive any reply to my previous post:


Hence my decision to switch to another version of tunneling and skip the whole Docker.
Please give me any guidance and how to properly configure the application to make it all work. Unfortunately at the moment I could not come across any sensible tips or documentation to implement the solution.

I would appreciate any response.

Ps. Maybe @Atlassian-Staff will know something more about this topic and also help me ? I think the indicated solutions will help future other users using Windows and forge Custom UI applications.

any help ?

When Can I try run forge tunnel --debug i still have problem: