Tunneling error( Error: Tunnel service returns error)

I see new code after tunneling but when I reload my web browser it won’t tunnel and I see the previous deployment version.
I even thought my code was weird, so I experimented with the default example code I created with forge create.
Does anyone have the same problem as me?

I seem to have the same problem. But it only started to concur in the last few hours.
When starting my tunnel, it will work for about 1 invocation. Then I get the “Tunnel service returns error” Message and my code will also show the last deployment version.
Maybe there is an Error on Atlassian side?

it seems there really is a problem on Atlassian side: Atlassian Developer Status - Forge tunnels are not functional - requests are not being routed to the tunnel



Thank you for your reply!

We have fixed the problem with tunnel that was reported as an incident with forge tunnel.

@swpark, could you please verify if that resolves your problem? Restarting tunnel should help. If it doesn’t please post what version of atlassian/forge-tunnel you are currently using (docker image ls atlassian/forge-tunnel:latest).

Dockerless tunnel seems to still be broken.
I can use the docker version, but it’s much slower and crashes frequently requiring restart of either tunnel or docker or both.

I had the same issue too. I found the solution by upgrading the @forge/sandbox-tunnel to this version. I think they updated the package according to this problem. I hope it helps!

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I’m still having this issue. It pretty much makes the tunnel unusable.

I’ll have no error, but also no (console) logs are shown… this also is very annoying

I met this error after two or three times reload the page. And I must type command for creating tunnel again. It takes a lot of time…