Tunneling on Forge

Hey everyone, I am following the official Forge documentation to learn Forge (and how to build apps with it). I however cannot seem to get tunneling to work. I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled Docker, and also ran the sudo docker run hello-world command.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04
npm version 8.7.0
node version 12.22.12
docker version 20.10.14 build a224086
Forge version 4.1.1

Docker works well.

Hi @NdutaRed ,

What error/s are you seeing when trying to run your forge tunnel?

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I see you performed several checks on the Docker end – could you also confirm whether your network is not blocking ngrok? Forge tunnel relies on it to function.


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Thanks let me check ngrok. So I didn’t have ngrok installed, I have installed it, but I still have the same error

Can you double-check that you can run docker without needing sudo to run?

e.g. docker run hello-world should work without needing sudo.

No, I didn’t set up the other users

After setting up non-root users, forge tunnel now works and I can use docker without sudo