Typing in new editor results in extra \ in old editor

Typing [variable] in new editor causes extra \ in the old editor

We use [variable] syntax to search for variables in text fields, like description, then those variables are filled with values provided by the user. This behavior breaks slightly our feature. Is it a bug? I couldn’t find anything special about this case in Markdown formatting

Also note, that typing [variable] in old editor works correctly and is displayed correctly in both old and new editor. For now, we asked our users to use the old editor to type their templated texts, but we can’t leave it like that.

Hey, I am a developer from Atlassian. The reason we have the extra \ before [] is because it’s a reserved keyword in WikiMarkup. For example, [some-link] is rendered as a link in the old renderer. When user start to use the new editor which generates ADF, we knows that [some-link] should be a plain text so we added an escape in the converted WikiMarkup to make sure it doesn’t mistakenly create a link in old editor.

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