UI Kit 2 Table component doesn't work

I got the hell world code and change the front end index.jsx with code from below link to desplay as an APP on JIRA.

It is pretty straight forward but it doesn’t display the table on app, it just shows as if table is loading but nothing is shown.

Any help on this simple code please? Thanks

Here is my code in frontend/index.jsx.

import { Table, Head, Cell, Text, Row } from '@forge/react';
const issues = [
    key: 'XEN-1',
    status: 'In Progress',
    key: 'XEN-2',
    status: 'To Do',
const App = () => (
        <Text>Issue Key</Text>
    {issues.map(issue => (

Hi @SudhirMenta ,
In the last version of UI Kit 2 (@forge/react version 10), Table does not exist anymore and was replaced by DynamicTable. See https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/ui-kit/components/