UI kit DatePicker "isRequired" prop is not working

Helllo there, I am trying to make datepicker required in my modal.
when i set “isRequired={true}” it does not do anything… on all other components is working just fine.

Screenshot from the modal, you can see there is not red star and field does not initiate validation
Screenshot from 2021-12-04 12-58-50

From the code, you can see I have set the isRequired to true
Screenshot from 2021-12-04 12-58-23

from documentation, it is possible to set isRequired

Hi @JanVilmek
Thanks for reaching out. Could you please check what’s the value of this datepicker? Perhaps the value for the component is somehow being set and that’s why the validation never shows the red star. Also, looking at the screenshot it looks like there is some preset value so the validation should pass.


Hello @PawelRacki, thank you so much for response.

Unfortunately, value of the DatePicker which is empty (printed out after submit) is empty array ‘[ ]’.
Screenshot is when the DatePicker is empty and no placeholder is set (2/18/1993)

Here is same issue with elements and code in app

To replicate:

     <CheckboxGroup label={""} name={"isOneDay"} >
           <Checkbox label={"One Day"} value={"true"} defaultChecked={openWith.day} />

     <FormCondition when="isOneDay" is={["true"]}>
           <DatePicker name={"On"} label={"On"} isRequired={true}/>

Thank you for any help. I have found a lot of bugs I will to write them in another issue.

Hi @JanVilmek
I’m very sorry for late response. I must have missed your response somehow.

About the DatePicker it actually looks like an issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll reach out to you once I find something more on the matter of DatePicker.
About other bugs you found, we’d be very grateful if you share them with us.


Hi @JanVilmek,

Thanks for raising this issue. We’ve found the cause of the issue and are in the process of releasing a fix now. This fix may take some time to reach production as it will need to go through Confluence and Jira’s deployment pipelines (some of which will be frozen over the New Year’s period).

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@kchan Thank you so much for the info, datepickers are fixed now in 3.0.0 !

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