Unable to add project:admin scope for Bitbucket Connect app

We are trying to request the “project:admin” scope for our private Bitbucket Connect app. Including this scope causes the app descriptor to fail validation and be rejected with the error attached in the screenshot:

Including “project_admin” also fails in the same way.

Removing the “project:admin” scope causes the app descriptor to pass validation and a new version is successfully created.

We are able to successfully request other scopes.

We are requesting the “account” context.

Can anyone share some insight?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new version of private Bitbucket Connect app.
  2. Select Provide an URL to your artifact.
  3. Pass URL to JSON app descriptor that includes “project:admin” in the list of scopes.

Hi @KealyDoyle ,

I reached out to the development team and they have made a fix. Are you able to verify this please.


Thanks Dugald, we are now able to add that scope. Appreciated.