Unable to DELETE space permissions through AP (error 403)

Hi everyone!

For one of our apps, we want to manage space permissions, we encountered the following issue when using the below endpoint, through AP :

DELETE /wiki/rest/api/space/{spaceKey}/permission/{id}

We are getting a 403 forbidden error code,
Type: Status Report
Message: Request not in an authorized API scope
Description: The server understood the request but refuses to authorize it.

The same request is successful when using normal authentication in Postman.

We believe that there is an authorization issue for AP, regarding this particular endpoint.

Thank you for your help

@FirasMkaouar That is the intended and documented behaviour:

Connect apps cannot access this REST resource.

as described in your link.


@marc thank you for your prompt reply, you are right!
That is confusing as this API allows connect apps to add permissions but is there a way to remove permissions?