Unable to deploy app created by ex-colleague

I’m working on the Confluence cloud app which was developed by colleague who is no longer with company. Whenever I try to deploy this app, I get following error:

Error: Installation error: Installations of development and staging environments of public apps are restricted to owners. (requestId: b516d500b3920da1)

I’m guessing reason for this error because this app has been registered as him the developer to start with. So now question is how I can resolve this error and make it work for me so that we can deploy the new version with changes.

I couldn’t able to find out any documentation to help with such scenario.

You can ask for change of ownership in Atlassian support, we moved all our public add-ons to non-personal account.

Or wait for multiuser ownership :wink:

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  • Thanks @jko for quick update. I will follow up with Atlassian support.
  • On the other note, what do you mean by non-personal account? Should one create another developer account with Atlassian that will be shared by actual developers to deploy the applications?
    ** Would love to understand how is your team following this practice.


Yes, something like forge-deployer@our.company. There is also thread about developing under private/rewrited app-id - How do you let multiple developers work on the same Forge app?

Thank you @jko For now I’ve resolved the issue by deploying the codebase as a different app than one already deployed. But will definitely will this limitation in mind.