Unable to Display Map data from generateReportHtml method On VM Template during Report Plugin

In Report plugin, I have got data in may Map Instance. now,I am trying to show data on Velocity Template in Table format using foreach method. but unable to show on VM. I tried all the methods to solve this issue.
Below is related to code:
velocityParams.put(“userName”, userName);
velocityParams.put(“updateDate”, updatedDate);
velocityParams.put(“fromIssueType”, fromIssueType);
velocityParams.put(“toIssueType”, toIssueType);
return descriptor.getHtml(“view”, velocityParams);

Awaiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

The original of this question is over at https://community.atlassian.com/t5/JIRA-questions/Displaying-multiple-rows-from-Map-object-into-VM-file/qaq-p/586570#M196257 and it has a lot more detail on it, to save everyone here asking the same set of questions.

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Looking at @nic’s link - it looks like you’re not putting in a list. You’re just putting in a single item.

Can you post the entire java block around velocityParams?