Unable to edit gadget when using JQL-Editor Forge

Hello, I am trying to create a dashboard gadget and also trying to play around with the JQL Editor Forge. I managed to obtain the query and do stuff with it. However, after I save the configurations and try to edit them again, I encountered an error
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'split') The above error occurred in the <JQLEditorReadOnlyWithoutTheme> component:.

I am not sure how to solve this issue and have been searching about it but I am unable to find anything about JQLEditorReadOnlyWithoutTheme.

This is my JQLEditor code, and I checked that the value is not empty.


export const JqlEditor = React.memo(({ jast, changeHandler }) => {
    let query = "";
    if (jast) {
        query = jast.represents

    return (
            onUpdate={(newQuery, jastObj) => {

Appreciate it if you guys are able to help!