Unable to establish a connection with the Custom UI bridge

Hi everyone, I am developing an update of my interface to use UI-KIT 2, it already installs the necessary packages such as @forge/bridge @forge/react, it should be noted that I am working on a local machine for development, so to load my application use Ngrok to create a tunnel and install the application in Jira.

Now the problem occurs when I use any component, in this case I’m using the Badge to do a basic test, but when I install the application and access it, I get the error in the console that I will attach in the image and the page never loads .

I’m looking for a possible solution for this.

Note: I already applied the solutions in the link shown in the console but it didn’t work, I don’t know if I’m applying a step wrong!

I’m developing the update as internal development.

console link: https://go.atlassian.com/forge-tunneling-with-custom-ui

Hey Alexander, when you say “use Ngrok to create a tunnel and install the application in Jira” are you directly using Ngrok to try and tunnel your app or are you using the forge tunnel CLI command?

ngrok is broken in Connect apps too. Zero change on my end. Should have been yeeted many years ago.


Hi @AdamMoore , I use ngrok directly, in a powershell, like this:
ngrok http --domain=ethical-generall-condor.ngrok.app 8080

My app runs correctly with Ngrok, but when I started updating my app to forge to use ui-kit 2 is where this part started to fail

This is likely the reason in Connect (not sure about Forge): Ngrok agent < 3.1 no longer supported (affects out-of-box experience with ACE for non-paid ngrok plans)

Atlassian needs to be proactive instead of reactive. When ngrok is not working, that stops development.

You’ll need to use Forge tunnel. You should be able to use the same options if you put them in an config file and run forge settings set ngrok-config-path <file>. More here.

Do I need to create a Forge app for this?