Unable to get the velocity template rendered in a workflow function


I created a custom workflow function that gets some text as input from the user. The input.vm file contains only this:

        <span class="label">Template Body:</span>
    <td nowrap>
        <input type="text" name="template_body" value="$template_body"/>
        <br><font size="1">Enter the Template Body to be used for the doc file.</font>

The plugin.xml file has this:

> <workflow-function key="doc-generator-workflow-function" name="Doc Generator" i18n-name-key="doc-generator-workflow-function.name" class="com.plugins.jira.workflow.DocGeneratorFactory">
>     <description key="doc-generator-workflow-function.description">The Doc Generator Workflow Post-Function</description>
>     <function-class>com.plugins.jira.workflow.DocGenerator</function-class>  
>     <resource type="velocity" name="view" location="templates/postfunctions/doc-generator.vm"/>
>     <resource type="velocity" name="input-parameters" location="templates/postfunctions/doc-generator-input.vm"/>
>     <resource type="velocity" name="edit-parameters" location="templates/postfunctions/doc-generator-input.vm"/>
>   </workflow-function>

No matter what I do, I cannot get the text input to be displayed on the input view. I’ve gone through countless tutorials/docs and it looks similar to what they did. What am I missing, what else is needed to render the .vm template?

I appreciate any input!