Unable to get token from API key

Hi there,

I’m trying to access my trello cards programmatically, but all the documentation I see references an API Key and a Token,
I’ve generated the API Token in my Atlassian account (can’t see the option in trello) and when I try to use this key to generate a token I get a 404 response.


I’ve replaced %7B %7D with brackets, and my API key between them, just replaced the YourAPIKey with my key, and replaced everything after the key= with my API key, but all just gives me a 404.

Could someone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong, or can point me to more up to date documentation on this?

You have to generate the API Key in the Power-Up admin portal:

Even if you are not creating a Power-Up, you will need to create a “Power-Up” as a placeholder for your API key, apply a logo and information to it so that when the user signs in and approved your integration you they will see your information and logo. Anyway, on the Power-Up options you will see the second option on the panel is “API Key.” You will generate one of these and use that in your integration calls.