Unable to get user worklogs using Jira API when Tempo is installed

Hello there,

The most important use case of one of our Forge apps, Budgety, needs to collect user worklogs from issues to calculate costs.

This use case is working as expected using the Jira API when Tempo Timesheets is not installed.

The problem arise when Tempo Timesheets is installed because calling the Jira API is not returning us the user worklogs: all worklogs are registered with a Tempo user.

We are blocked here: I cannot even understand why I’m unable to use the Jira API to collect user worklogs when an app is installed. As far as I can stand user apps may not interfere in the way Jira is working, they may add new possibilities not remove current ones.

For that, we are forced to try to integrate Budgety using the Tempo API but it is more complicated to build something robust with no friction for our customers taking into account it is a Forge app.

Many of our customers are not able to use this feature, which is the most important one. Moreover, we are not converting many potential customers to customers because of that according to the feedback we are gathering, so it is something really important for us.

Is there something we can do here? Perhaps I’m missing something.


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As far as I know, there is nothing you can do other than integrate with Tempo API in this case. As you say it is a little more complicated and will add some friction to your app. I don’t think you are missing anything as there are many other app vendors that integrate with Tempo API and require the end user to go through extra steps to achieve this - ie to click through the Tempo OAuth flow.

I understand Tempo primarily do this for performance / technical reasons - I suppose any frustrations / questions about that you can always try talking to Tempo people directly.

Increasing friction directly undermines conversion rates, and it’s unacceptable to burden users with unnecessary complexity when accessing essential information from Jira.

I have no problem in assuming a Tempo integration in the background —and maintaining transparency for the user— but, I encounter difficulties when attempting to do it with Forge. Unlike other vendors who use Connect, this limitation significantly hampers our ability to provide a seamless user experience.

There is some reasons Tempo does it in that way. For example, they have a feature which allows some users to log work for other users. Using the JIRA rest Api, you can’t specify worklog author other than the current user. To implement this, they use “Tempo app user” as worklog author and they store actual worklog author in their database. I think there are some special Tempo specific permissions too, which may also benefit from this design. Side effect of this is it makes companies to migrate other timesheet solutions very difficult. It is a good thing for Tempo of course, but not very convenient for their customers.

Certainly, I understand that there may be special requirements. However, if the source of truth (Jira) can be modified, the apps should be able to access the site where the information resides in a transparent manner for the user, whether it is through Forge or Connect.

Any Solution for this?
We are also facing same issue in the Script Runner. Using Jira REST API we are not getting all users workglos mentioned in the ticket. it just giving single user worklogs who is currently login. also showing tempo as auther

Any solutions for this?