Unable to inject entity service(custom) through constructor in custom class which is implements IssueOperation


In my custom app, my class (CustomIssueOperation) implements ProgressAwareBulkOperation.
I have another class CustomEntityService which tries to inject Active objects, in its constructor

Getting unsatisfied dependency on CustomEntityService. Unable to inject CustomEntityService in CustomIssueOperation constructor that implements ProgressAwareBulkOperation.

I appreciate all your opinions and suggestions.

Please see the below sample code:

public class CustomIssueOperation   implements ProgressAwareBulkOperation {
    private final SubTaskManager subTaskManager;
   private final CustomEntityService customEntityService;
    protected final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass());
    public CustomIssueOperation(SubTaskManager subTaskManager, CustomEntityService customEntityService) {
        this.subTaskManager = subTaskManager;
        this.customEntityService = customEntityService;

CustomEntityService interface

public interface CustomEntityService {

    public List<ReportEntity> getReport();


CustomEntityService impl class

public class CustomEntityServiceImpl implements CustomEntityService {

    private final ActiveObjects ao;
    private final JiraAuthenticationContext authenticationContext;
    protected final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass());

    public CustomEntityServiceImpl(ActiveObjects ao, JiraAuthenticationContext authenticationContext) {
        this.ao = ao;
        this.authenticationContext = authenticationContext;
        System.out.println("CustomEntityService - CustomEntityService");

    public List<ReportEntity> getReport() {
        System.out.println("Get report ---- ");
        final ReportEntity[] entities = ao.find(ReportEntity.class);
        if (entities != null) {
            return Arrays.asList(entities);
        return new ArrayList<ReportEntity>();



 <component key="customEntityService" name="Entity Service" class="org.custom.service.CustomEntityServiceImpl">
        <description>Component to access Active Objects functionality from the plugin</description>