Unable to Insert or Update the Description Field of issue: description":"Operation value must be an object

I posted this same question in the open forums But I am repeating here

“errors”:{“description”:“Operation value must be an object”}}

Pretty straight forward and followed the examples for both the creating via a post call where I got the error unless I commented out the description field values and a put call where I tried a number of things found in the boards and elsewhere.

All the documentation shows this as a string value but I am consistantly getting the above error.

Here is the data passed in the put operation that fails

“id” : response.id, //response from the post
“key” : response.key, //response from the post
“update” : {
“description”:[{“set”: “this is a description”}]

Here is the data in the post that works

“fields”: {
“summary”:“UPDATE TEST”,
“issuetype”: {

the url I am using is the self value from the post and someone suggested adding the id and key values as above but I tried it without wiht the same results.

I am using basic auth passing my user information and the token provided in both calls and I am an administrator on the board

I am calling via google javascript

Are you using /rest/api/2 or /rest/api/3? If the latter, then the Description, which is a rich text field, is expecting a valid ADF object. Use /rest/api/2 if you’d like to provide an old-style wiki-markup text.

Thank you that is exactly my problem.

I updated my code to use version 2 but looking forward we will likely have to upgrade. I cannot find any examples here or elsewhere… Google ADF Object I get Oracle stuff and if I look at editmeta get the definition of Description is as follows

so based on this I should be able to pass in a string and it should work.


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