Unable to make releases because a mandatory data center code


We are unable to make releases for the Server as the Marketplace ask us for a mandatory code for Data Center and we are not yet approved for that, so we do not have any code.

It is critical as we need to make a very important release.

Could anyone help us by providing a fix or some workaround?


Our mistake. It looks like we included the new Data Center stuff in the descriptor. Sorry

Well, despite we are able to make releases for the server, we are unable to change the information of the plugin as the Data Center code is required for that.

Be careful. If you include the new data center stuff in the plugin descriptor, then The Marketplace tracks previous versions (despite them are not public) and the headaches start.

I’m speaking about this element:

<param name=“atlassian-data-center-status”>compatible</param>

that we included in our production plugin descriptor by mistake during some tests.

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