Unable to pull in the IssueKey into Customer Portal Screen


I’m unable to pull in the IssueKey into the customer portal request screen. I’ve tried both servicedesk.portal.request.actions and servicedesk.portal.request.panels.

Seems like when I’m using my context-provider the JiraHelper is seen as null. However if I change this to default Jira Issue view this seems to work as expected.

If I remove my context-provider I’m able to pull in the issueKey but then I’m unable to pull any customfields with the CustomFieldManager. Does anyone know the solution to this.

Is it also possible to render in the Details section of the request I’ve tried the location servicedesk.portal.request.details to no avail.

Would anyone have any ideas of the way to pull a Jira issue key into the context-provider for the Customer Portal? It seems to work for the normal issue view, however the technique seems to be different.