Unable to Refresh the Access token in OAuth 2.O

We are developing the integration for Jira using the OAuth 2.0.

After the authorization, we got the authorization code to generate a new access token & refresh token to access the Jira API and we followed the below API document to regenerate the access token for every one hour( After the old access token expired ).

Jira OAuth 2.0 Document

Unfortunately, we unable to regenerate the new access token for accessing the API.

In addition, we have added the offline_access scope in Authorisation URL.

For Eg: https://auth.atlassian.com/authorize?audience=api.atlassian.com&prompt=consent&scope=offline_access read:jira-user read:jira-work write:jira-work manage:jira-project manage:jira-configuration

Could you please assist us to resolve this issue on higher prority.

We are awaiting for your quick response.

Hi @12p329,

Can you recheck your request body? I just tested it, and it works every time.


POST https://auth.atlassian.com/oauth/token


Hi nmansilla,

Thanks for the response.

Will check it from our end and let you know the status asap.