Unable to register dynamic module for webSection

I am using the dynamic module API to register web Items and web sections. Web items are showing up as expected, but web sections(and their coupled web items) do not show up. When I take the payload of the request and put it in the descriptor they do work as expected.
I realize the web section needs a web item before it is shown, and I’ve tried registering them together or one before the other, but it does not seem to make a difference.

Has anyone had success using these web sections dynamically?

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Hi @RenSlump ,

As also mentioned in the support request you have created this is a know behavior/limitation:

[…] this is actually a know issue caused by the fact that dynamic modules can’t refer to other dynamic modules.

We have the below feature request open in our system to have this behavior changed:

I have asked internally to have this behavior clearly documented since this FR is about 2 years old and it has not been addressed/taken in consideration so far. […]

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Yes, thank you for getting to the bottom of it @dbonotto

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