Unable to save Forge Select Custom field

Not able to view the selected value after saving in select dropdown. How can we view the selected value after saving.

I am using below code:

import ForgeUI, { render, useProductContext, CustomField, CustomFieldEdit, Select, Option,Text} from "@forge/ui";

const View = () => {

  const {extensionContext: {fieldValue}} = useProductContext();

  return (
    <Text name="priority">{fieldValue} </Text>

const Edit = () => {

  const onSubmit = values => {
    return values.valueSelect;

  return (
    <CustomFieldEdit onSubmit={onSubmit} header="Priority">
    <Select label="Select Value " name="priority">
    <Option label="medium" value="medium" />
    <Option label="low " value="low" />
    <Option label="high " value="high" />

export const runView = render(<View/>);
export const runEdit = render(<Edit/>);

Also, select custom field is coming as textbox when creating jira task in jira cloud.

Can you give more context on where you’re not seeing it? Can you send a screenshot of where you expect to see it?

Your code looks correct and appears to match the usage of CustomFieldEdit in this example app: Bitbucket