Unable to update an OAuth 2 app scopes

Hello everyone,

After adding the ability to view and update the Original estimated time and Original Estimated Duration, I wanted to update the scopes of my app but encountered an issue that blocks me from updating the scopes.

The button Add is greyed out and disabled while the scopes were already added in the past.

I cannot update the scopes at all, is there anyone that knows what to do here?


Hi @UnitoConnectors,

That’s weird. Do you get the same behaviour on every browser? Is there any error in the browser console?

The only way I manage to get the Add button to be disabled is when I go over 50 scopes but the button is only disabled for those APIs where I didn’t select one yet (e.g. Confluence API and Personal data reporting API in the screenshot below)


Hi @ccurti,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer. I have tested with Firefox as well and I end up with the same problem unfortunately. See screenshot below.

It seems that there is no error in the browser console only warnings about cookies.

The Unito Team

@UnitoConnectors thanks for checking and happy to help.

Would you be able to raise a ticket at Jira Service Management and provide the App ID (which is available in the Overview page as well as in the URL of the developer console) as well as a HAR file generated after opening the Permissions page and clicking on the “Add” button (instructions to record and save a HAR file are available here if needed).

Please share the link to the DEVHELP ticket once it’s been raised so that I can have a look. The ticket is private so you’ll be the only one who can access it.



As the button Add is greyed out, I can’t click on it so I’ve recorded the loading of the page in a HAR file.

Here’s the link to the DEVHELP.

The Unito Team

This was a problem on our end and it’s been fixed a few days ago.

Thanks Unito Team for reporting it and confirming it it’s working in your environment as well.